Yale HSA6400 Burglar Alarm Review

Yale HSA6400

With the evolution of the mechanical science and the Yale hsa6400, we have seen development in every field of life. And because of this, the ways and techniques crimes are being perpetuated have also enhanced, and burglars have found latest and modern ways of breaking the security system and getting their job of theft done.

Everyone wants their home and offices safe because they contain many precious lives and confidential information. Thus, what is better to get alarmed before the theft has happened? Therefore, Yale with their evolutionary security systems has manufactured for you the best alarm system in the market famous as Yale alarm system.

Yale HSA6400 is the best and the latest Yale alarm system yet introduced in the market. It will inform you whenever an unknown person is trying to trespass your property thus it will provide you with the complete peace of mind.

Yale HSA6400 security alarm

Yale HSA6400 has been manufactured with such intelligent technology that it will trigger you via phones thus making sure that your property is safe at all costs. Yale alarm system has built in telecommunication panel that performs all the basic functions of an alarming system and the general control panel to alert you on time.

Yale alarm system has the special feature of storing up to three phone numbers that can be any numbers you want it to know. In the case of any critical situation, it will warn you by calling you to these specified numbers. You can use a touch-tone telephone to activate or deactivate your Yale HSA6400.


Yale HSA6400 is equipped with many evolutionary and highly protective features that will keep your belongings safe and secure at all costs.  Yale alarm system has a high repute among the other alarm system and is preferred because of the following extraordinary feature it has.

  • Yale HSA6400 has an advanced telecommunication panel that can store about three telephone numbers of your choice, which can be used at the time of need.
  • Yale HSA6400 the feature of being activated and deactivated by simply using the touch-tone telephone
  • It is equipped with a digital display that you can administer according to your personal needs.
  • Yale HSA6400 has a special time length-setting feature according to which you can set the time of entry and exit according to your requirement.
  • It also has a unique feature in which you can activate the alarm in a specific part of the building and deactivate it in the other parts building.


What is included in it?

Yale alarm system comes with the following extraordinary specifications

  • It comes with two-year guarantee
  • The installation guide comes in the form of DVD
  • It has fixing, batteries, and stickers
  • It has a unique dummy siren box
  • Zoning
  • Door window contact x2
  • PIR movement detector x2
  • Siren box

Yale HSA6400 Contents



Yale alarm system is famous for its easy and quick installation. It comes with an installation guide that will help you easily install it by giving your systematic instructions. Thus, for the installation of Yale HSA6400, you will not have to call a specially professional and thus this will save your money.

If you want to add any additional devices to your Yale HSA6400, you can easily get it done by gaining help from the instruction manual. To add an additional device can be tricky most often, but the easy instruction it comes with make it easy for everyone to install and add devices to the alarm system. It is specially built to enhance the security of your home and thus is equipped with special detectors and devices.

Yale HSA6400 Control Panel

It can be easily installed by only fitting the door’s contacts and the siren with the PIR’s. Each device has a special learn button that you can easily click on, this will connect the device with the main alarm system of the house and thus it will start its works of your house protection. Thus, we can say that it only takes about two or three hours to install, fit and get the alarm system working.



Yale HSA6400 is equipped with several extraordinary benefits that will give you peace of mind and it is very reliable.

You can find the following benefits in the Yale HSA6400.

Phone alerts:

It comes with a special monitoring system according to which a special team is watching over your house when you are away. Thus, you can be assured and have faith in the alarm system because it is working 24/7 and regularly the whole year to keep your home safe and protected. It is the best method to prevent theft and has proven its worth by saving your property more than the regular alarms, thus you can easily rely on it all the time.

It also has a remarkable feature of calling you in case you are away and a theft occurs, thus, you are warned, and you can do the preventive measures to save your property and belongings from the evil hands. You can also arrange the alarm system according to your requirements and specifications.


A wireless alarm system makes it easy to install and carry. There is no worry of fixing numerous wires thus it is easily applicable and usable in all buildings. You can also move the sensors according to your desires and thus making your home, even more, protected. The best feature of this alarm system is that once it is installed, you can easily move its sensors to other locations and rooms without the need of removing the system that makes it a remarkable alarm system.

Yale HSA6400 Control Panel siren



Thus, from the above features, we can conclude that it is the latest and most advanced alarm system you can have for your home and any other building you want to protect. It is easy to install, and it can be easily activated and deactivated by touch-tone telephone, which makes it a remarkable device.

It has a high repute in the society because of its numerous features and high protective system. It also has a unique feature of the pet-friendly system that will not disturb you if a pet enters your home.

Therefore, we can say that it is highly recommended and the perfect alarm system for your property and especially your home. Therefore, we advise you to get it installed as soon as possible.