Top Samsung Washing Machines

Samsung washing machines are amongst the best in the world, but there are differences between individual models. We’ve selected the best Samsung washing machines based on their features, including drum capacity, energy efficiency and cleaning prowess.Some will wow you with their Internet of Things features such has controlling your washing machine from your phone , LED display which provides slick information about your laundry.

Top Samsung Washing Machines

Samsunng FP900 WiFi Eco Bubble Washing Machine

This is one of the best Samsung washing machine’s available. This is due in part to its extra-large 12kg drum. This allows you to dry large loads, but it also senses the size of the load and only uses the right amount of water needed, saving you energy and money. This great machine also has Eco Bubble technology which froths the cleaner which allows it to penetrate the clothes more easily and clean them thoroughly.

• 1400rpm spin speed.
• Smart Control allows you to remotely control the machine using an app.
• Large 12kg capacity.
• Sensing Load technology senses the weight of the load and uses only the right amount of water and energy needed.
• Eco Bubble technology froths detergent with air and water so that it cleans more thoroughly.
• VRT Plus technology reduces sound for quiet running.
• A+++ energy rating.
Priced £799

WF80F5E2W4X 8kg 1400rpm Eco Bubble Washing Machine

Another Eco Bubble machine, this Samsung washing machine has the highest rating of A+++ meaning it will save you energy and money. It also has a large capacity of 8kg so you can wash large loads in one go. It also has a stylish design and comes in graphite, making a change from the usual white colour of washing machines. Imagine  your washing machine has problem and you are not sure what the problem is. You call your repair person he wants basica information before coming out to repair your Eco Buble washing machine and you can’t provide any helpful information.  The new Samsung washing machine comes equipped with the innovative Smart Check. Smart Check detects and diagnoses errors at an early stage and provides easy troubleshooting solutions through the use of a smartphone with LED scanning and it alerts you on your smart phone phone.You don’t even have to consult your user manual — you can correct the issue before it becomes a real headache.

top samsung washing machines
• 1400rpm spin speed.
• 8kg drum capacity.
• Diamond Drum protects clothes while ensuring a thorough wash.
• Last memory stores the last setting you used, ideal if you often wash on the same cycle.
• Quick Time Wash provides a fast 15 minute cycle.
• Eco Bubble technology froths detergent with air and water to effectively clean clothes.
• Comes with Smart Check that can be used with a smart phone to find solutions for problems.
• 5 year warranty.
Priced £529

Samsung  WF90 9kg 1600rpm Eco Bubble VRT Washing Machine


This Samsung washing machine WF90F7E6U6W has a quiet and innovative Digital Inverter Motor which is brushless and has less friction than most regular motors. This makes it last longer and also ensures quiet running. This machine has Samsung’s innovative Diamond Drum and Eco Bubble technology which provide an excellent clean.
• Large 9kg drum capacity.
• Diamond Drum protects clothes while also ensuring a thorough wash.
• Digital Inverter Motor has low friction and is longer lasting.
• 10 year warranty.
• Eco Bubble technology froths detergent with air and water to penetrate clothes and clean deeply.
• VRT Plus keeps drum balanced, whatever the load size, so it runs quietly.
• Smart Check allows you to use a smart phone to diagnose problems.
Priced £599

Samsung WW9000  Touchscreen Washing Machine

samsung washing machines display

smart samsung washing machines wifi
This minimalist Samsung washing machine has a sleek design with only the essential controls included. This makes it easy to use as well as attractive. It’s an innovative machine that has a large capacity of 10kg, but the clever machine will sense the size of the load and only use the amount of water and energy that is needed, saving you money.
• Streamlined design.
• Touchscreen controls.
• Large 10kg drum capacity.
• Automated Washing senses the load size, water needed, detergent needed and soil level to select the best and most economical wash cycle.
• Drum light allows you to see everything.
• A+++ energy rating.
Priced £1,700

Samsung WF80F5E5U4X 8kg 1400rpm Eco Bubble Washing Machine

smart Samsung washing machines
This Samsung washing machine is a great all-rounder, with excellent features at a reasonable price. It has Eco Bubble technology which effectively cleans clothes at low temperatures as well as high. It also has a sizeable 8kg drum capacity which provides lots of space to wash clothes. It’s also a stylish machine with a sleek look and easy to use controls.
• Digital Inverter Motor has a brushless design that ensures quiet running and a longer life.
• 10 year warranty.
• Eco Bubble froths detergent with water and air to infuse clothes and lift away dirt and stains.
• Comes with Smart Check which allows you to diagnose problems using your smart phone.
• Eco Drum Clean allows you to easily and economically clean the drum.
• Diamond Drum has a unique design that protects clothes while providing a thorough clean.
• Quick Time Wash allows you to wash clothes in just 15 minutes.
• Last Memory remembers the last cycle you selected, ideal if you often use the same cycle.

£349 from John Lewis