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With the evolutions of many devices and machinery that have automated the life of the humankind, engineers have introduced something innovations that will change your living styles. Now you can make your home an automated home by installing these smart socket, that come with remote control plugs and remote control sockets.

With the installation of these smart socket in your home, you can change your way of living and have an evolutional lifestyle.


What are smart sockets?

The smart socket is an evolutionary device that is plugged into the walls and has outlets of its own where you can plug in your devices and thus it will smartly control your energy saving by switching off the devices, which are not in use. It has special remote control plugs and remote control sockets that make it easy to use from anywhere in your home and even by your Smartphone. Thus, with the help of these Smart sockets, you can change your way of living and save loads.

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Smart socket come with many extraordinary features that will win your heart in no time. One of the best features is that they are very easy and simple to control because of their remote control plugs and remote control sockets, which makes it a smart device.

Smart socket have the following amazing features

Energy saving Gadget:

Smart socket will help you save a good amount of your energy by showing you your historical energy consumption. Apart from that, it will also switch off all the electrical appliances that are not in use. It will also show you’re your present energy consumption thus you can select which appliance to switch off. It will also let you know that which of your electrical appliances are not working properly and thus in this way it will also help you save energy and money.


Remote control:

The Smart socket with the innovational feature of being controlled with the help of remote. They come with remote control plugs and remote control sockets that make them very easy and handy to control. You can easily control them from a room or from distance in case you forgot to switch them off with the help of their remote control plugs and remote control sockets. You can use all the features of the Smart socket with the help of their remotes thus; it is a smart device and will turn your home into a smart home.

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Smartphone energy monitoring:

As its name indicates that it is a smart device, so its connection with the Smartphone is understood. Smart socket come with special mobile applications that will help you control it with the help of your cell phone. You can also have your energy monitoring displayed on your mobile screen and thus you can easily select how to control you energy usage to save your money by saving energy. It represents your energy consumption in graphical and percentage form that helps you manage your energy consumption wisely.


Setting timer:

Children these days love to watch TV and play video games and thus waste a lot of their time but know with the help of these smart power sockets parents can easily control their children’s time of watching and playing video games. You can add a specific timer and thus when the time is over smart power socket will automatically switch off the device. Apart from that via your cell phone, you can control the device and make your children watch less TV and consume their time in productive activities.

Safety features:

In a house with babies, there is always a threat that the bay might put his finger in the socket but their smart power sockets come with extraordinary safety features that in case if the baby puts his fingers in the socket he will not be harmed because of the protective layers the socket is made with.


How it can make your life easier

The features of the smart power socket make it an ideal device to use. It will make your life easier as it is way better than the regular sockets. The smart power sockets come with several major benefits and a few of them are listed below



You can have following amazing benefits from the smart power sockets:

  • It will help you save energy by monitoring your energy consumption and letting you know how you can save energy.
  • It will balance the load of the devices thus saving the devices from several short circuits and other electricity hazards.
  • It has special safety features thus it will not harm your little ones and it has timer setting so you can decide the timing of your children to watch TV.
  • It has special indicators that will let you know if you are using a faulty appliance.
  • It also has strain relief features that are amazing because it will relieve you of the stress of repairing a broken socket.
  • It is very easy and simple to control with the help of its remotes and mobile control applications.


What to look out for in a smart power socket when buying it

Keep in mind the following features before buying a smart power socket for your home:

  • The first thing you need to consider is the plug shape. Make sure that the socket you choose can hold all kind of plugs otherwise, it will be turned into unfavorable circumstances.
  • Check the voltage and electricity loads they can handle so you can have the smart power socket according to the voltage capacity of your house.
  • You must know their country specific information for the best use.
  • Make sure that your smart power socket has working internet sockets without which your socket will not work.
  • Make sure that smart devices like Smartphone and tabs can control it.
  • It should be equipped with a modular system according to which you can control several smart power sockets with a single mobile application.
  • Make sure that it must have a guarantee so that you must know when to get a new one.



Once you get these smart power sockets, it will relieve you of many worries as it will change your way of living by changing your home into a smart home. It has several safety features that are not found in many other devices and it can be remotely controlled and save short circuits from happening by switching off all the extra devices and saving energy.

So by installing these smart power sockets, you will be one step ahead in the future and make your life easy by these amazing smart devices.

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