Quiet Washing Machines

Quiet Washing Machines Reviewed

Washing machines are an essential tool in our home, but they’re also one of the loudest machines. A lot of people resign themselves to the sound, but you don’t have to, there are quiet washing machines available. You can get an almost silent washing machine that will make washing your clothes that bit easier and more pleasant. We’ve chosen the best five quiet washing machines, check them out below.

Samsung WF90F7E6U6W 9kg 1600rpm Eco Bubble VRT Washing Machine

This Samsung washing machine has an innovative Digital Inverter Motor which is brushless and therefore produces less friction than regular motors. This not only provides it with a longer life and more durability, but it also means that the washing machine runs very quietly. Combined with its great cleaning features, such as the Diamond Drum and Eco Bubble technology, this quiet washing machine is a top buy.

 Samsung WF90F7E6U6W Quiet Washing Machines
• Large 9kg drum capacity.
• Diamond Drum protects clothes while also ensuring a thorough wash.
• Digital Inverter Motor that has less friction and is longer lasting.
• 10 year warranty.
• Eco Bubble technology froths detergent with air and water to penetrate clothes and clean deeply.
• VRT Plus keeps drum balanced, whatever the load size, so it runs quietly.
• Smart Check allows you to use a smart phone to diagnose problems.
Priced £599

Hotpoint WMUD843P White Washing Machine

This Hotpoint quiet washing machine offers a very quiet wash option as it has an insulated and specialised motor which produces little noise. It’s also got a number of excellent washing cycles, including an eco wash cycle and a delicates and silk programme. Plus, the LED display makes it easy to read and select a function.
Hotpoint WMUD843P White Quiet Washing Machines
• Insulate and specialized motor for silent running.
• 16 programmes.
• 30 minute 30 degrees cotton wash programme.
• Woolens cycle.
• Eco wash cycle saves energy and money.
• Delicates and spin cycle.
• Anti-stain cycle removes even stubborn marks.
• Delayed start of up to 24 hours.
• Large 8kg drum capacity.
• High 1400rpm spin speed.
Priced £339.99

Beko WMB81241LB Washing Machine

This Beko machine was tried and tested by Good Housekeeping magazine and scored 74 out of 100. It was also found to be the quietest one that they tested, with only 68db of sound when spinning. It’s got other great features including an A+ energy rating and a large 8kg drum capacity.
Beko WMB81241LB Quiet Washing Machines
• 16 programmes.
• Quiet running of only 68db.
• The quick wash cleans clothes in only 14 minutes.
• 1200rpm spin speed.
• The delayed start allows you to delay the cycle for up to 24 hours.
• 39 minute quick wash at 30 degrees.
• Half load cycle.
• Baby cycle.
• Hand wash cycle.
• Large 8kg drum capacity.
• A+ energy efficiency rating.
Priced £329.99

Zanussi ZWJ14591W Washing Machine

This Zanussi model is an almost silent washing machine. It has an inverter motor which does not have any brushes, this means that there is less friction and therefore a lower sound output. The motor also provides extra power so that clothes can be washed in a shorter time.
Zanussi ZWJ14591W quiet Washing Machines
• Inverter motor is brushless so produces less noise and more power.
• Large 8kg drum capacity.
• 1400rpm spin speed.
• A+++ energy efficiency rating.
• Extra rinse option removes all detergent so it’s ideal for people with sensitive skin.
• Hand wash programme.
• Quick wash programme that cleans clothes in 30 minutes.
• Automatic load adjustment senses the level of the load and reduces water and energy, saving you money.
Priced £349

Bosch Exxcel WAQ28461GB Washing Machine

Bosch Exxcel WAQ28461GB quiet Washing Machines
The anti vibration design on this Bosch model makes it a very quiet washing machine. It also reduces any damage done to the machine and ensures that it’s quiet and subtle. It’s got other great features, including the 3D AquaSpa wash system which ensures deep cleaning. Plus, it’s rated A+++ for energy efficiency, the highest rating available.
• Anti vibration design reduces sound.
• 3D AquaSpa wash system provides a high water level and excellent distribution which effectively cleans clothes.
• EcoPerfect option allows you to save energy and therefore money.
• The SpeedPerfect option lets you speed up the process while still getting great cleaning results.
• The innovative WaveDrum washes clothes gently without damaging them.
• A+++ energy efficiency rating.
• 1400rpm spin speed.
Priced £429