Hotpoint Aquarius Washing Machine Review

Hotpoint  Washing Machine Review

The Hotpoint Aquarius range of washing machines is a well known collection that is ideal for most homes. The Hotpoint models are designed to provide excellent washing performance at an affordable price. Read on to find out more about the Hotpoint Aquarius washing machine range, including the benefits of an Aquarius washing machine and the features of an Aquarius+ washing machine.

What is a Hotpoint Aquarius Washing Machine?

The Aquarius range from Hotpoint is designed to provide value for money. They are reasonably priced washing machines that still provide excellent washing performance. They are ideally suited to small to medium households. The drum size ranges from 5kg – 7kg, which is about average and provides enough space to wash sizeable loads of laundry. They also have a number of easy to understand washing cycles, such as a quick wash and a handwash. They retail at between £250 – £350.

Aquarius washing machine

Aquarius+ Washing Machines

The Aquarius+ range of washing machines are slightly more advanced than the simple Aquarius ones. These models tend to have the large drum size of 7kg, which is above average and provides more space to wash clothes. They also have more washing cycles to give you a wider variety of options; these can include an Eco Cycle and a Baby wash cycle that is gentle but effective on baby clothes.

Benefits of Hotpoint AquariusWashing Machines

There are several plus points to owning a Hotpoint Aquarius washing machine, find out more below:
• Value for money – Starting at only £250, the Aquarius models provide excellent value for money. They are not the cheapest on the market but they are still low priced yet provide a lot more features than other low-cost models, such as a variety of wash programmes and a good energy efficiency rating.
• Drum Capacity – While Hotpoint Aquarius washing machines don’t have the largest capacities available, they do provide decent sizes for the price. A 5kg drum can wash a sizeable amount of laundry. If you want a bit of extra space then go for an Aquarius+ model which has an above average drum capacity of 7kg.

Aquarius washing machine Control Panel
• Energy efficient – The Aquarius range generally has energy efficiency ratings of A+. While this is not the highest it is still very good and means that if you purchase an Aquarius washing machine then you will get an economic model that won’t use as much energy as a lower graded machine.
• 16 wash programmes – Even though these machines are designed to be affordable, they still provide a large amount of washing cycles. This provides you with variety when washing your clothes and ensures you can get the right cycle for your laundry. Among the programmes are a 30 minute quick wash, an eco cycle that reduces the amount of energy used and a hand wash that is ideal for delicates.Hotpoint Washing Machine
• Automatic half load detection – Sometimes you don’t have a full load of washing to do but still want to get some essential items clean. This used to mean that you had to use a full wash on a small load and waste energy. But with Hotpoint’s automatic half load sensor you don’t have to. It detects the size of the load and reduces the electricity used accordingly. This makes it very energy efficient and economical.
• LED display – Hotpoint Aquarius models have an easy to read LED display that lets you see the cycle you are choosing and the stage it is in. This is very useful and lets you know how your laundry is getting on. Also, the Aquarius+ models have an advanced LCD display that tells you how much time there is left of the cycle, allowing you to plan ahead.
• Fast spin speeds – Aquarius washing machine spin speeds range from 1200 to 1600rpm. This is the general average range for all washing machines and provides a decent spin speed that removes excess water from clothes. This means that it is easier to dry the clothes once they’ve been washed.
Hotpoint Aquarius washing machines are great all-rounders, providing excellent washing programmes, sizeable drums and energy efficiency, all at great value for money. They are ideal for small to medium households and provide excellent performance and durability.