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Top Home Cinema Room Gadgets

Ask around today and you will realise just how much entertainment is a hobby among most respondents especially home entertainment. People save a large chunk of their income to get that home theatre, home cinema screens or a home cinema room. Since the turn of the 21st century, the entertainment market has evolved greatly modernising entertainment gadgets each day. However, this growth has also been characterized by an influx of counterfeit electronic gadgets into the market. Due to this, it is important to know how to choose best systems for good home entertainment. Here are a few tips on how to choose some home cinema room gadgets and have the best cinema room;

home cinema room

Cinema seats

Seats are always a great way to add that extra flair to your cinema room. You might have a big screen or projector coupled with a sound system that can shatter glass but without cinema seats it all falls short. Imagining seating through the Titanic without a swish seat to cuddle you all along; Tough luck isn’t it? Further, cinema seats give an impression of your cinema room to outsiders or viewers; hence, you can’t afford to go wrong with them. For the best cinema room choose consider the price and comfort of the seat.

Price; On the price if you will need a luxury seat to view three movies in one week, averagely that’s six hours a week. Translate that into a year you will arrive at a cool 312 hours of time spent on your seat. Hence, a £1000 recliner seat will cost you £3 per hour. Over five years the cost will come down to 60p per hour which is decent and can save you money. On this margin, you can own quality cinema seats from renowned brands such as FrontRow, Signature and Fortress seating.


Comfort; secondly, look at the comfort of the cinema seat before making a purchase. You might be tempted by an appealing colour but pay attention to detail for example on the quality of the leather. There are many options offered today in the market however you might want to have a look at Signature seats. They employ a stylish wedge piece to enable nice curved rows. FrontRow uses a more modular approach meaning you can easily mix and match twin seat and create bespoke setups. For those in the fast lane of life literally, you can fancy a Ferrari styled seat from Fortress seats, however, you will have to dig dipper into our pocket. The seat is designed with a carbon fibre wrapped rear and beautiful rear panels and fabric armrests to give you the best system combination.mangolia black home cinema seat
Cinema seats are the heart and soul of any cinema room; get them right and you can have the best cinema room in the neighborhood. Always focus on the price but do not compromise on quality for lower prices. Also, visit authentic dealers for top quality cinema seats.

Cinema Screen, Cinema Projector, TV, Cinema Remote

This is basically the visual part of your cinema room. It is often referred to as the engine of the cinema room. While in this category you always want quality however it is the most affected category regarding counterfeit replica sales. Here is a breakdown on how to choose each of the best systems

Cinema Screen; while choosing a home cinema screens there are various factors to consider; these factors include the type of mounting options available. In this sense, there are two types, the fixed frame where the screen is permanently attached to the wall. The fixed frame is best for a dedicated wall space and the premium choice for cinema room. The other type is the roll down style which is manually operated; here the home cinema screens retract out of the way when not in use.

This style is perfect for multipurpose rooms, for example, family rooms and the screens are less likely to be damaged. The next thing to consider is the aspect ratio of your ideal screen; there is the AV Square Format in which the drop and width are of equal dimensions. This style is rarely used for cinema rooms today; it is more suitable for educational facilities with overhead projectors. Secondly, we have the 4:3 formats which can utilise a mix of DVD and computer presentations. If you intend to watch high definition movies (HD) the 16:9 and 21:9 ratios are best for you. For blue ray movies consider the 2:35:1(cinema scope screen) as majority Blue-rays are produced with this aspect ratio. For the best cinema room and best system experience go for a curved screen with a cinemascope ratio.

Cinema Projector; projectors offer the ultimate home theatre experience. Nothing comes this close to recreating the experience of a movie theatre. Often we talk about the relevance of a big screen being the epitome of home entertainment; however, projectors enable us to view and enjoy images larger than the biggest television. So how do you go about choosing a cinema projector? A projector is a two piece system that is the projector and the screen. To start with look at the resolution of the projector you want to purchase; the best cinema rooms have full HD projectors with resolutions of 1920×1080 pixels. However, if you adore clarity, you can go for the ultra HD projectors with 4096×2120 pixel resolution.

home cinema room with projector and speaker set

The higher the projector resolution, the more seamless the image will be. Secondly, look at the picture contrast of the projector. For home cinema, rooms choose good contrast which displays deeper black and a calm, subtle colour detail. For a cinema projector also consider the light output or the brightness of the projector. Always choose a projector with at least 1500 lumens of brightness. This will come in handy while watching movies in rooms with ambient light.

TV; the television is what comes to one’s mind when they think of home cinema rooms. It’s alright to think that way as televisions define the outlook of a cinema room. People may often opt to have the TV over the projector because of its ease of use and installation. While choosing home cinema screens consider the size of your cinema room. Don’t go for big sizes if your cinema room is small. Further, for the best picture resolution to enhance your viewing. The best solution for home cinema screens is the LED HDTV, which saves energy while at the same time giving the best picture experience.

Remote; having purchased all these home cinema gadgets it is important that you have a remote that can control them efficiently and without it becoming a piece of baggage. Go sleek on the remote too; avoid heavy gadgets that will degrade your user experience. For the best cinema room experience, go for small controls such as the Olufsen Beo6 control which controls the entire home cinema, audio setup and lighting from a small aluminium ball and a sleek square glass screen.

Cinema lighting and surround system

Lighting system; lighting matters; it creates a movie theatre experience for your home cinema room. Any glares or reflections will ruin your cinema experience and all the hard work put into the interior designs will go down the drain with poor lighting. Preferred home cinema lighting options include recessed lighting, wall scones, ambient lighting and LED lighting strips on the floor or baseboards. Floor lighting should always be LED to avoid generating any heat and making the home cinema experience uncomfortable. Further, consider choosing a lighting options that fully illuminates the cinema room in an ambient way.home cinema room lighting


Surround system; to ultimately enjoy the best system experience of a home theatre you will need a home theatre receiver and six speakers. Best systems include floor standing speakers, central channel speaker, two rear surround speakers and a subwoofer. In market times, this setup is known as the 5.1 setups and is the best for cinema rooms. For the best experience, the central speaker should be placed directly under the television facing viewers. However this is not definitive, you can get creative with your personal subwoofer placement.

Home Media Server

To have a complete home cinema room it is important to get the home media server right. A media server enables you to download movies right to your home theatre. With this in mind it is advantageous to go for speed, video and quality audio delivery. There are several home media servers that have proven to be perfect for home theatre. These include Apple TV, XBOX one and Play station 4. For the Apple TV, you get excellent video and audio quality and access to the rich iTunes, which is continually updated with content.However, the main disadvantage with the Apple TV is that its benefits are reserved for people with Apple gadgets. On the flipside, XBOX and PS4 are good for gaming in the cinema rooms and also can download movies in real time. They are perfect for cinema rooms frequented by children.Also, for the best system choose a media server with a good internet receiver, to enable maximum speeds online. This is crucial if one is to download movies and view them in real time.

roku media playerapple tv media server


Food/Popcorn makers

Most people enjoy eating while watching a movie. The most eaten snack in the home cinema room is popcorn. To bring the movie theatre experience to your home, you need a popcorn making machine. While choosing one considers the size of your home cinema room; having a big popcorn making machine in a small cinema room makes the cinema room look congested. For smaller cinema rooms you can take a look at the Giles and Posna mini popcorn makers. Still as part of the snacking, you can have pizza making machines in your cinema room. Having a home theatre with pizza will make it the best in your region. Finally, you can have a refrigerator for your chilled drinks; most people like seeping down something midway through blockbusters.
However, do not have too much food in your cinema room. Remember it is not a restaurant but a place to relax and cool off.

How to design

The design is how you want your home cinema room to appear. Here are a few factors to look at
Room shape; avoid having squarely shaped cinema rooms. Instead have a rectangular one and place the speakers and the home cinema screens on the width for good sound projection.
Windows; consider having fewer windows as windows reflect sound leading to audio distortions. Windows allow light in causing reflections on the viewing surface. This leads to a lower viewing experience.

home cinema room project
Flooring; Consider having wall to wall carpets that are cosy and absorb sound. Further, match the colour of the carpet with the wall colour and your systems colour for that uniform look.
Colours; for cinema rooms choose dark colours as bright colours reflect light and reduce the viewer experience.
Viewing; for viewing look at the optimal viewing distance. Usually, this is between 1.5 and 2.5 times the diagonal width of your screen. Still on viewing the optimal viewing angle should be between 30 to 40 degrees to eliminate neck stains caused by uncomfortable postures.
The tips above should guide you towards having the best home cinema room coupled with good home cinema screens and gadgets. Cheers to a more vivid entertainment at home.