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Hotpoint TVYM650C6P Vented Tumble Dryer Review

Hotpoint TVYM650C6P Vented Tumble Dryer

This Hotpoint condenser dryer is designed to be simple to use and dry large loads, it’s specifically manufactured to be easy to use and effective at drying. The vented tumble dryer has a cool setting which is designed to cool down the fabrics and make them less creased, meaning that  a lot of clothes and materials don’t need to be ironed and the ones that do take a lot less time than normal. It’s a great idea but does this tumble dryer live up to expectations? Read our Hotpoint TVYM650C6P review to find out more about this family-sized tumble dryer.

Hotpoint TVYM650C6P Vented Tumble Dryer

Large Drying Capacity

This tumble dryer is designed for family use; one of the features that make it ideal for large household is its large drum capacity. It can hold a 6.5kg load which is large for a tumble dryer. This means that you can wash large loads at one time instead of splitting it into several smaller loads. This not only saves you time in tumble drying, but it also saves you money as you won’t have to use it as much as you would a smaller capacity tumble dryer, saving you energy and money. It’s also ideal for large families and households as a lot of clothes can be put in at one go.

Hotpoint TVYM650C6P Clothes Bay

Making Ironing Easier

This Hotpoint condenser dryer makes ironing a lot easier. The cool setting is ideal for making clothing ironing ready, in fact it’s so good that sometimes the clothes don’t need to be ironed at all. It does this by cooling the clothes down and retaining a little water, not enough to make them wet, but enough to make them easier to iron.

This tumble dryer also has Reverse Action that helps decrease clothes and save on ironing. The Reverse Action technology makes the drum move in different directions instead of just one. This helps prevent clothes from getting tangled together too much and creasing.

Hotpoint TVYM650C6P Vented Tumble Dryer

These features are incredibly helpful and will save you time spent ironing.

Easy to Use Tumble Dryer

This vented tumble dryer has 16 programmes and 2 heat settings, but it is still easy to use. It has a simple design and easy to understand controls which make selecting a programme easy. Unlike other tumble dryers the different programmes are easy to comprehend and select so you can quickly find the right cycle for your load.

There are a number of other features that make the Hotpoint TVYM650C6P easy to use, including its large drum size. It also has an extra-large porthole door; this makes it easier to load clothes into as well as to get them out afterwards.

Value for Money

One of the main benefits of this Hotpoint tumble dryer is its price; at around £159 it’s very low priced for a tumble dryer, especially one with a large sized drum capacity. It’s also unusual for a tumble dryer of this price to have so many programmes, often they only have a few. However, this tumble dryer has 16 programmes and two heat settings. What’s more is that they are effective; they dry clothes well and help remove creases from them. People sceptical of the price have no need to worry as the Hotpoint tumble dryer gets clothes dry effectively.

Also, as the tumble dryer has a large 6.5kg capacity it means that more clothes can be dried at once. This saves you money as, if you had a smaller capacity machine, you would have to do several more washes and spend a lot more on electricity.

Product Specification

Dimensions: 85 x 59.5 x 62.5cm

Colour: White

Programmes: 16

Heat levels: 2

Energy efficiency rating: C

Annual energy consumption: 266Kwh

Noise level: 7dB

Drying capacity: 6.5kg

Reverse action: Yes

Timer function: yes

Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty

The Hotpoint TVYM650C6P Vented Tumble Dryer is an excellent dryer that provides value for money with effective drying prowess. One of the best points is that it reduces the amount of ironing you will need to do due to its Reverse Action feature and cool setting. At around £159 it is excellent value for money, offering 16 programmes and two heat settings. It’s ideal for a large family or household who want to dry their clothes effectively.

Best Indesit Washing Machines Review

Best Indesit Washing Machines

An Indesit washing machine is a great investment to have in the home. Indesit washing machines are known for being high quality and effective, but which ones are best? We’ve selected the five top Indesit washing machines using factors, such as energy rating, capacity, and programmes. Check out the best Indesit washing machines below.

Indesit XWE 91483X S Washing Machine

This Indesit washing machines are not only practical, it’s also stylish. It comes in an attractive light grey colour that looks great in a modern home. The washing machine features some of Indesit’s best technology, including an anti-odor cycle to get the smell out of clothes, as well as a delay timer so you can set the machine to come on when it’s convenient for you.

Indesit Washing Machines

  • Innex programme provides a fast 50 minutes wash that’s ideal for getting everyday dirt out of clothes.
  • The anti odor cycle uses a number of technologies, including constant temperature control, to remove smells from clothes.
  • Special sports programmes that are designed to specifically clean sports clothes.
  • The delay timer allows you to delay the washing cycle for up to 24 hours.
  • 16 programmes.
  • A+++ energy rating.
  • Large 9kg capacity.

Priced £299.99

Indesit IWE 91481 ECO Washing Machine

This eco model not only saves energy but it also saves you money; it has an energy saving option that saves up to 70% of energy compared to a standard cotton cycle. There is also a useful Eco Time option that allows you to wash smaller loads using less water and energy than for a full load.

Indesit Washing Machines

  • Eco Time option allows you to wash smaller loads using 30% less time and 40% less energy and water.
  • Energy Saver option uses 70% less energy compared to a normal cotton cycle.
  • This machine has Special Sports programmes that are designed to wash sporting clothes.
  • The Delay Timer lets you delay the cycle for up to 24 hours.
  • 20 degrees zone programme.
  • Silk and curtains programme.
  • 16 programmes.
  • Large 9kg drum capacity.

Priced £269

Indesit XWC 61651 W Washing Machine

This Indesit washing machine has many of the company’s top technologies, including the Innex cycle which is ideal for everyday, and the anti-odour cycle that removes smells from clothes. It also has a high speed of 1600rpm which is ideal for getting a thorough clean.

Indesit Washing Machines

  • The Innex cycle gets clothes clean in only 50 minutes and is ideal for every day washing.
  • The anti odour cycle removes persistent smells from clothes.
  • This machine has a number of Special Sports programmes that are designed to wash sporting clothes.
  • A+ energy efficiency rating.
  • Fast 1600rpm speed.
  • 16 programmes.
  • Shoes programme.
  • Silk and Curtains programme.

Priced £359.99

Indesit XWA 81682X W Washing Machine

The Indesit XWA 81682X W washing machine is a classic looking machine that has a lot of modern technologies. It has a number of useful programmes, including an anti-odour programme and a number of Special Sports programmes. It’s also got a large capacity of 8kg and a high maximum spin speed of 1600rpm.

Indesit Washing Machines

  • The Innex cycle effectively cleans clothes and everyday dirt in 50 minutes.
  • The anti-odour cycle removes smells from clothes.
  • This machine has Special Sports programmes that specifically designed to clean sportswear.
  • The Delay Timer allows you to delay the cycle for up to 24 hours.
  • A++ energy efficiency rating.
  • High 1600rpm speed.
  • Large 8kg drum capacity.

Priced £350

Indesit XWE 91683X WWWG Washing Machine

This great Indesit washing machine has a number of great programmes, including an anti-stain programme and an anti-odour one. It also has a high speed of 1600rpm and the highest energy efficiency rating of A+++. It’s a great machine for cleaning clothes and also helps save energy and money.

Indesit Innex XWE91683XWWG Washing Machine

  • The Innex programme effectively washes clothes in only 50 minutes.
  • The anti-stain option removes food, ink and grass stains effectively.
  • The anti-odour cycle removes persistent smells from clothes.
  • The Special Sports programmes are designed specifically for washing sports clothes.
  • The Delay Timer lets you delay the cycle for up to 24 hours.
  • A+++ energy efficiency rating.
  • 1600rpm spin speed.

Priced £359

Hotpoint BHWMD742 Integrated Washing Machine Review

Hotpoint Integrated Washing Machine

This Hotpoint Integrated Washing Machine is a built-in washing machine that will fit smoothly into your kitchen and your life. It has a large number of programmes and a good energy efficiency rating of A++. But does it provide an efficient wash for your laundry? We review the Hotpoint BHWMD742 to provide you with an objective view of the washing machine’s performance and features.

Load Capacity

The size of the drum is important in a washing machine, especially if you have a large family. The average size of a drum for a washing machine is 6kg, this Hotpoint integrated washing machine has a 7kg washing capacity. This means it is higher than average, allowing you to wash a substantial amount of clothes. While it is not the largest load capacity on the market it is still sizeable and sufficient to wash the laundry of a large household. The fact that it has a larger than average load capacity means that it will make it easier on you when washing clothes as you won’t have to split the laundry into smaller loads. This is also energy efficient as you’ll be using the Hotpoint BHWMD742 less than you would a smaller capacity machine. This will also save you money on your energy bills too.
Hotpoint BHWMD742 Integrated Washing Machine

Spin Speed

The spin speed is another very important factor to consider when looking to purchase a washing machine. A fast spin speed will remove moisture from clothes and laundry more effectively, making it easier and faster to dry them. This washing machine has a maximum spin speed of 1400rpm. This is a high spin speed and it has been found that this washing machine removes moisture from clothes well. It is not the highest spin speed available but it is rather high up and the spin performance of the Hotpoint BHWMD742 washing machine is very good.Hotpoint BHWMD742 washing machine

Energy Efficiency

This Hotpoint Integrated Washing Machine has an energy efficiency rating of A++, this is only one rating below the highest available, meaning that this is a very energy efficient machine. The washing machine is part of Hotpoint’s Ecotech range. This is a range of particularly energy efficient models in of washing machines.

Washing Programmes

This Hotpoint washing machine has 16 washing programmes in all, this is a large amount that provides you with a variety of options when washing your clothes. This allows you to select the right cycle for your laundry as not all types of laundry can be washed in the same way. For example, there is a hand wash programme that cleans delicate items gently and without snagging or tearing them. There is also a Woolmark Platinum care washing cycle that is specifically designed to wash woollen products without shrinking or damaging them. This is important if you have lots of wool items as they are notoriously difficult to wash.Hotpoint BHWMD742 Display
One of the best washing cycles is the anti-allergy wash cycle. It removes allergens and dirt that can be dangerous to allergy sufferers and it deep cleans at a constant temperature of 60 degrees. It has been awarded Allergy UK approval so is ideal for anyone who suffers from allergies.
The many programmes are very useful for washing clothes and provide an effective clean. However, some of the programmes are very long, some almost two hours. This is inconvenient if you need your clothes in a rush and it seems that they could be washed in almost half the time.

Product Specifics

Dimensions: 81.5-90 x 60 x 54cm
Colour: White
Capacity: 7kg
Energy efficiency rating: A++
Wash performance: A
Spin performance: B
Maximum spin speed: 1400rpm
Variable temperature: Yes
Programmes: 16

In conclusion, the Hotpoint BHWMD742 integrated washing machine is an effective machine that combines cleaning prowess with energy efficiency. It has some very useful programmes that other machines don’t have, such as the anti-allergy cycle. Plus, it has a sizeable capacity which means you can wash lots of clothes in one go. The only downside of this washing machine is that some of the programmes take a very long time to wash, almost two hours, which seems excessive. However, the fast programme is also very good at washing so this can be used in most circumstances.

Hotpoint Aquarius Washing Machine Review

Hotpoint  Washing Machine Review

The Hotpoint Aquarius range of washing machines is a well known collection that is ideal for most homes. The Hotpoint models are designed to provide excellent washing performance at an affordable price. Read on to find out more about the Hotpoint Aquarius washing machine range, including the benefits of an Aquarius washing machine and the features of an Aquarius+ washing machine.

What is a Hotpoint Aquarius Washing Machine?

The Aquarius range from Hotpoint is designed to provide value for money. They are reasonably priced washing machines that still provide excellent washing performance. They are ideally suited to small to medium households. The drum size ranges from 5kg – 7kg, which is about average and provides enough space to wash sizeable loads of laundry. They also have a number of easy to understand washing cycles, such as a quick wash and a handwash. They retail at between £250 – £350.

Aquarius washing machine

Aquarius+ Washing Machines

The Aquarius+ range of washing machines are slightly more advanced than the simple Aquarius ones. These models tend to have the large drum size of 7kg, which is above average and provides more space to wash clothes. They also have more washing cycles to give you a wider variety of options; these can include an Eco Cycle and a Baby wash cycle that is gentle but effective on baby clothes.

Benefits of Hotpoint AquariusWashing Machines

There are several plus points to owning a Hotpoint Aquarius washing machine, find out more below:
• Value for money – Starting at only £250, the Aquarius models provide excellent value for money. They are not the cheapest on the market but they are still low priced yet provide a lot more features than other low-cost models, such as a variety of wash programmes and a good energy efficiency rating.
• Drum Capacity – While Hotpoint Aquarius washing machines don’t have the largest capacities available, they do provide decent sizes for the price. A 5kg drum can wash a sizeable amount of laundry. If you want a bit of extra space then go for an Aquarius+ model which has an above average drum capacity of 7kg.

Aquarius washing machine Control Panel
• Energy efficient – The Aquarius range generally has energy efficiency ratings of A+. While this is not the highest it is still very good and means that if you purchase an Aquarius washing machine then you will get an economic model that won’t use as much energy as a lower graded machine.
• 16 wash programmes – Even though these machines are designed to be affordable, they still provide a large amount of washing cycles. This provides you with variety when washing your clothes and ensures you can get the right cycle for your laundry. Among the programmes are a 30 minute quick wash, an eco cycle that reduces the amount of energy used and a hand wash that is ideal for delicates.Hotpoint Washing Machine
• Automatic half load detection – Sometimes you don’t have a full load of washing to do but still want to get some essential items clean. This used to mean that you had to use a full wash on a small load and waste energy. But with Hotpoint’s automatic half load sensor you don’t have to. It detects the size of the load and reduces the electricity used accordingly. This makes it very energy efficient and economical.
• LED display – Hotpoint Aquarius models have an easy to read LED display that lets you see the cycle you are choosing and the stage it is in. This is very useful and lets you know how your laundry is getting on. Also, the Aquarius+ models have an advanced LCD display that tells you how much time there is left of the cycle, allowing you to plan ahead.
• Fast spin speeds – Aquarius washing machine spin speeds range from 1200 to 1600rpm. This is the general average range for all washing machines and provides a decent spin speed that removes excess water from clothes. This means that it is easier to dry the clothes once they’ve been washed.
Hotpoint Aquarius washing machines are great all-rounders, providing excellent washing programmes, sizeable drums and energy efficiency, all at great value for money. They are ideal for small to medium households and provide excellent performance and durability.

Bosch Washing Machine WAQ283S0GB Review

Bosch WAQ283S0GB

In this Bosch Exxcel washing machine review we take a look at the Bosch WAQ283S0GB. It is a stylish and innovative machine that features many of Bosch’s technical features, including ActiveWater technology that uses only the water needed and the WaveDrum which washes laundry more gently than other models. It has a number of other features that we’ll be reviewing so that you can get an objective view of the washing machine’s performance.

Bosch WAQ283S0GB


Drum Capacity

The average drum capacity for a washing machine is 6kg, which is sizeable but not enough for bulky items like duvets. The Bosch WAQ283S0GB has an 8kg drum, meaning it is considerable larger than average. You can fit large laundry loads into the drum as well as duvets and other sizeable items. This will save you time when doing the laundry as you won’t have to separate your laundry into smaller loads as you would with a lower capacity machine. The larger drum makes this Bosch washing machine economical too; this is because you will use it less than you would a small capacity machine and therefore use less energy and lower your bills.

Energy Efficiency

All washing machines, in fact all home electrical appliances, have an energy efficiency rating. The highest rating available for the most energy efficient machine is A+++, which is exactly what the Bosch WAQ283S0GB is rated. This means that this is the most energy efficient washing machine you can get. This will not only save energy but it will also save you money as you’ll spend less on electricity bills.

Bosch Green Technology

There are other features that make this an energy efficient washing machine. It has an EcoPerfect mode which reduces the amount of water and energy used. It also has automatic load adjustment which senses the size of the load and adjusts the amount of water and the time taken accordingly.

Also, the large size of the drum makes this machine more energy efficient than smaller capacity models. This is because you can do large loads at once, thus saving time and energy.

Spin Speed

The spin speed on a washing machine is important as a high spin speed will ensure that your laundry isn’t dripping wet when it comes out. This machine has a spin speed of 1400rpm. Though it is not the highest possible it is still a high spin speed and this machine spins clothes effectively. However, in this Bosch Exxcel washing machine review we have found that on some programmes the clothes still come out fairly wet. This is one downside of the machine. It does not happen on all programmes, which is good, but some don’t remove the excess moisture from the clothes, leaving them wet. However, a quick spin cycle gets rid of the excess water and doesn’t take very long.Bosch WAQ283S0GB

Washing Programmes

The Bosch WAQ283S0GB has several washing programmes, 15 in total. This provides you with a wide variety of cycles that you can use to wash all of your laundry. There are a lot of useful programmes, including a quick wash programme. This allows you to wash clothes quickly but still effectively. However, some of the programmes run for a very long time. This does not bother some people but some find it irritating. The long wash cycles can be inconvenient if you need your clothes washed in a rush or have a large family and have a lot of clothes to clean.

Product Specifics

Dimensions: 84.8cm x 59.8 x 55cm

Energy rating: A+++

Energy consumption: 0.82kWh

Load capacity: 8kg

Maximum spin speed: 1400rpm

Programmes: 15

Wash performance: A

Spin performance: B

Type: Freestanding

Variable temperature control: Yes

In this Bosch Exxcel washing machine review we’ve found that overall the Bosch WAQ283S0GB is a great washing machine. It has several useful features including a very large drum which allows you to wash sizeable amounts of laundry in one go. It also has several wash programmes including a super fast one. It’s a very economical model with a large drum, a high energy rating of A+++ and an automatic load adjustment. We have found a few downfalls, including long run times on certain programmes. But they are mild problems and overall this is a great Bosch washing machine