Bosch Washing Machine WAQ283S0GB Review

Bosch WAQ283S0GB

In this Bosch Exxcel washing machine review we take a look at the Bosch WAQ283S0GB. It is a stylish and innovative machine that features many of Bosch’s technical features, including ActiveWater technology that uses only the water needed and the WaveDrum which washes laundry more gently than other models. It has a number of other features that we’ll be reviewing so that you can get an objective view of the washing machine’s performance.

Bosch WAQ283S0GB


Drum Capacity

The average drum capacity for a washing machine is 6kg, which is sizeable but not enough for bulky items like duvets. The Bosch WAQ283S0GB has an 8kg drum, meaning it is considerable larger than average. You can fit large laundry loads into the drum as well as duvets and other sizeable items. This will save you time when doing the laundry as you won’t have to separate your laundry into smaller loads as you would with a lower capacity machine. The larger drum makes this Bosch washing machine economical too; this is because you will use it less than you would a small capacity machine and therefore use less energy and lower your bills.

Energy Efficiency

All washing machines, in fact all home electrical appliances, have an energy efficiency rating. The highest rating available for the most energy efficient machine is A+++, which is exactly what the Bosch WAQ283S0GB is rated. This means that this is the most energy efficient washing machine you can get. This will not only save energy but it will also save you money as you’ll spend less on electricity bills.

Bosch Green Technology

There are other features that make this an energy efficient washing machine. It has an EcoPerfect mode which reduces the amount of water and energy used. It also has automatic load adjustment which senses the size of the load and adjusts the amount of water and the time taken accordingly.

Also, the large size of the drum makes this machine more energy efficient than smaller capacity models. This is because you can do large loads at once, thus saving time and energy.

Spin Speed

The spin speed on a washing machine is important as a high spin speed will ensure that your laundry isn’t dripping wet when it comes out. This machine has a spin speed of 1400rpm. Though it is not the highest possible it is still a high spin speed and this machine spins clothes effectively. However, in this Bosch Exxcel washing machine review we have found that on some programmes the clothes still come out fairly wet. This is one downside of the machine. It does not happen on all programmes, which is good, but some don’t remove the excess moisture from the clothes, leaving them wet. However, a quick spin cycle gets rid of the excess water and doesn’t take very long.Bosch WAQ283S0GB

Washing Programmes

The Bosch WAQ283S0GB has several washing programmes, 15 in total. This provides you with a wide variety of cycles that you can use to wash all of your laundry. There are a lot of useful programmes, including a quick wash programme. This allows you to wash clothes quickly but still effectively. However, some of the programmes run for a very long time. This does not bother some people but some find it irritating. The long wash cycles can be inconvenient if you need your clothes washed in a rush or have a large family and have a lot of clothes to clean.

Product Specifics

Dimensions: 84.8cm x 59.8 x 55cm

Energy rating: A+++

Energy consumption: 0.82kWh

Load capacity: 8kg

Maximum spin speed: 1400rpm

Programmes: 15

Wash performance: A

Spin performance: B

Type: Freestanding

Variable temperature control: Yes

In this Bosch Exxcel washing machine review we’ve found that overall the Bosch WAQ283S0GB is a great washing machine. It has several useful features including a very large drum which allows you to wash sizeable amounts of laundry in one go. It also has several wash programmes including a super fast one. It’s a very economical model with a large drum, a high energy rating of A+++ and an automatic load adjustment. We have found a few downfalls, including long run times on certain programmes. But they are mild problems and overall this is a great Bosch washing machine