Best Home Cinema Chairs

Best Home Cinema Chairs Reviews

TV nights are now a thing of the past. With the advent of home projectors, people are forgoing the cinema entirely and building their own home theatres.

Well, we’re all for that. However, you need home cinema seats if you want to get the experience you’re looking for.

This article will give you some of the best cinema chairs manufacturers, so that you can take the jump into being the owner of a home cinema of your very own – one which is stylish, comfortable and the envy of everyone you know.

After going through some of the major brands, we’ve given our pick – the specific chair that we think is the best bet for the home cinema beginner.

Fortress Seating Has A Style Of Cinema Chairs To Suit Any Home Theater

Out of all the designs and manufacturers we’ve discussed in this article, perhaps the best when cinema chairs when it comes to the sheer range of stylish home cinema seats is the line of cinema chairs provided by Fortress Seating.

Their Kensington home cinema chairs and their Pantages line of cinema chairs would look at home in space-age settings. Their Bijou lines and El Dorado lines would go well in a home cinema that was based on a Detective Noir room or a 1930’s cigarette room.

If you’ve got a particular theme going on in your home cinema or you’re looking for the means to build a home cinema system that’s all about style and finesse, then you could do a lot worse than consider something from the Fortress Seating line of cinema chairs.


Jaymar Provide Large, High Quality Seats For You And All Your Friends

If you’re looking for home cinema chairs that pack a punch and are also great for filling space, then you might want to consider looking into Jaymar home cinema seats. They tend to come in rows or two or three – perfect for the man cave, the family home cinema or for a pair of lovers (or potential lovers!) looking to spend the night in together. These chairs are great, and come in a range of different colours. Whether you’re looking for cream (in which case go with model 59162) or black (model number 57334) or burgundy (42444) or any other colour, you can’t really go wrong with Jaymar home cinema seats.

They’re also very comfortable. Speaking of comfortable home cinema chairs…

Premier Home Theatre Seats Bring The Comfort Like No Other Cinema Chairs

Most home theatre projects are built by guys. Particularly guys who are going for a more sophisticated affair than a traditional “man cave.” We understand that. Which is why we’ve got an option for the guy who loves the minimalist bachelor look. That’s Premiere home theatre’s options for home cinema seating and their cinema chairs.

If you’re a bachelor looking for those one seaters that match the colour and style of your pace, then Premiere is probably the company for you. Grand is a no-frills affair in black with white trim, where the Grand Slam is the Batman all-black style. If you want a colour injection, go with Landmark; a powerful, bright blue colour. There are other colours available so check out the range at the Premiere home cinema seating site.

Bell’O Brings The Minimalism Movement To Home Cinema Seats

Bell’O are pretty unique in that they offer a lot of different options off the shelf. You can buy wedge arm connector models, models with one arm (so that you can slot yourself next to a lucky lad/lady, love chair style or the fuller options.

Elite Home Theater Seating Really Is Elite… Premium Cinema Chairs For Premium Customers

Elite HTS might be the best option for those without a budget. We’ve talked about various things in this article: comfort, affordability, style and size. However, what if we were to tell you that there’s a company out there that can do all of those things?

That’s what Elite Home Theatre are all about: Their home cinema chairs are built to a hugely high standard. Not just that – they also offer customisation from the ground up. That’s right, you can order custom seating. Here’s a breakdown of their models:

They have their own “budget” line. Which is pretty elite anyway. It comes with all the add-ons you’d need. The seats are comfortable, stylish and impressive.

Then they have the “luxury” line  – which takes luxury to a new level. Literally everything you want in a high end set.

Then they have their custom options. You can chop and choose – to be honest, you could shop around and then take the bits you like from each company and then see if Elite HTS will build your cinema seats for you to your specs.

CinemaTech Provide All-Around Winners: Classy, Spacious, Comfortable

If you’re straight-up looking to impress with your home cinema seats, then you could do worse than looking into CinemaTech’s range. We like Italia, personally, but there’s a whole range to suit your styles and character. We like the fact that there are numerous add-ons, like cup holders, remote holders and the like. Whilst most manufacturers can provide that, it’s the design of the CinemaTech range that allows the add-ons to integrate with the cinema chair seamlessly which makes this a strength of the brand.

OUR PICK: The Premier Home Cinema Seat

(Image credit

This cinema chair is out favourite, having gone through all the options above.

Some of the features it includes are:

  • Comes in a two seater, three seater and more – including 4 and 5 seat configurations.
  • Motorised incline/recliner (You’ll need to give 100mm distance between the chair and the wall, otherwise there won’t be room for it to incline.)
  • It has an integrated storage box as well as refreshment cooler built-in.
  • It has a massage system and a heating system, as well as an anti-slip footrest.


You probably want to know why this model was our winner.

The reason for the Premier home cinema chairs edging out the competitors is the comfort and affordability. It’s the size ((Height: 1060mm Width: 1780mm Depth: 830mm) for the 2 seater)) which is spacious but not too large to fit in a regular guy’s home cinema.

It’s the fact that all of the add-ons seamlessly integrate, as opposed to some of the other options which don’t integrate well at all.  Above all, the fact is that home cinema chairs are supposed to be a little bit of a cross between “real life” and “luxury.”


We feel that this model is the best at achieving that mixture of the two.