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Home gadgets and the Convenience through technology has included innovation in almost every facet of our lives such as smart kitchen appliances which have your coffee and fresh bread ready for you when you step into the kitchen and smart fridge freezes which keep track freshness and can even advise you when you’re running out of something.

Other home gadgets include remote controlled lighting, televisions, and even a robot vacuum that roams about your home on its own, helping to relieve you of yet more tedious household chores.In recent years, with the advances in mobile technology, now we’re finding that a device as simple as a mobile phones has the power to become control and command centre for our smart home.

Home Gadgets

Home Gadgets that will Elevate Your Lifestyle

How many of us have ever been unceremoniously jolted to consciousness from a restful sleep by the stark blast of the bedside alarm clock? Suddenly awake and trying to clear the fog from the recesses of our minds, we stumble through our morning routine hoping that we don’t miss a single step as our mind jumps ahead to the assignments we need to take care of in our work and for our families. Even in those first tentative steps each morning, innovation in home gadgets is now available to improve our lives.

The world is getting smarter and in particular, the evolution of smarthome technology is radically changing the way we look at home comfort and convenience. Voice controlled automation and programmable user preferences are creating peace of mind for even those leading the most active lives. It’s not just exclusive to one facet of life … but across the board. The benefit of today’s leading home gadgets starts with our first waking moments each day.

Consider this possibility: Instead of just setting your alarm clock before you go to bed at night, what if you could program your home to recognize your preferences in your morning rise and shine routine? Replacing the abrupt and aggravating alarm clock, your wake-up call engages your lights to ease into operation, your blinds to be opened, your favorite music to play, and the thermostat to adjust to your preferred setting. On top of that, as you more gently greet the day your coffee maker is already brewing your morning cup.

Smart Home gadgets

This is not science fiction or convenience reserved only for the wealthiest one percent of our population. These home gadgets are on the market now and are available to you today.

How to Choose the Best Home Gadgets

“Did I remember to …?” is a question that plagues many of us once we’ve left our homes. Did we remember to turn off the lights, activate the security alarm, power down our electronics? Think about the tasks that you deal with in your daily life that you have to remind yourself to perform. It has happened to all of us and identifying which of those functions could be automated to reduce your stress and improve your life may be a great starting place for choosing the best home gadgets to meet your particular needs.

It can be hard to know where to begin when it comes to home gadgets. This is because we are now working with capabilities that we couldn’t even imagine even a decade ago. Remember when the “Universal remote” to control our TV, DVD player and stereo seemed like the greatest breakthrough of our lifetime? That was only the tip of the iceberg.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the evolution of technology in our homes lies in the fact that it isn’t marketed as “one size fits all”. It’s not just one out of the box solution for every household. Instead, every home’s need can be addressed through its own configuration.

Home Entertainment Gadgets

It is movie night and you’re ready to snuggle up with a loved one and escape the stresses of your day. Historically, this has required a little preparation – dimming the lights, setting the surround sound and maybe turning down the air conditioning for optimal sound and comfort. Finally, you’re ready. Those steps can all be integrated with voice controls. Simply by saying “movie mode” to a handheld or wrist-worn device, your pre-programmed settings can be initiated, getting you to your movie sooner with the environment set to your exact taste.

Some of the most exciting opportunities in home gadgets can be found in the category of home entertainment. From leisure chairs featuring surround sound speakers within their design to ever-evolving 3D technology and even exploration into the area of virtual reality, we’re excited about what we’re seeing in home entertainment now. We can’t imagine what the next generation of products will bring.

Home Cinema

But busy homes don’t often allow us to catch every moment from the comfort of our home theatre. For many of us, the kitchen is the hub of activity, so when life calls you away from your program even just to refresh your snacks, you don’t want to wander into a technology void when you arrive there.

Kitchen Gadgets

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen throughout every day and it goes beyond just meal preparation. Advances in wireless technology is also paying off in the kitchen with some gadgets that increase convenience as well as connectivity.

It’s time to upgrade your refrigerator. No, it’s not just about the choice of design formats that allows you to choose whether you want your freezer above, below or beside your main cooler. Now your refrigerator, which is already a key destination for everyone in your home, can be a hub for entertainment and information as well. Panel screens on the door and wireless sync with your main entertainment system can allow you to stay on top of your program, or even watch a different program. Other models of refrigerators are also now equipped with RFID technology which allows you to keep an inventory and be alerted when it’s time to restock at the local grocery store.

Samsung Smart Washing Machine

Coffee makers have evolved as well. While we have long enjoyed the ability to program our morning pot to start brewing on schedule, now we are able to prepare multiple blends of coffee for different tastes in a single brewing cycle. Add to that the ability to sync your coffee maker as a component of your overall smarthome portfolio and the opportunities for intuitive response by this device in your home takes on some very exciting possibilities.

It all speaks to the growing trend toward nest technology integration in homes which has benefits on a number of levels including the educated use of energy.

Smart Energy Gadgets

If you’re not yet familiar with the terms “nest technology integration” the time to bring yourself up to speed is right now. With capability for voice activation and monitoring of every electronic device in your home, this trend appears poised to become a standard of home comfort and convenience. Nest integration is being highly touted as an energy saving evolution. Including capabilities to identify when you are leaving your home which turns off lights, lowers the thermostat and migrates appliances to power saving modes, nest integration is at the core of smarthome development.

Smart appliances such as washing machines can be remotely activated after being loaded, allowing you to remotely adjust and activate all the settings that you would traditionally adjust at the machine. Additionally, once these machines are configured for remote access, they can also monitor power cycles to schedule operation during non-peak hours of consumption, which in turn, saves you money as well as time. The stress of forgotten loads in the washer and dryer are alleviated by connectivity with your TV to tell you that the machine cycle is completed, and dryers which re-engage an auto fluff mode even when you’re away from home.

Hive Thermostat

Ground-breaking work is even happening with the most basic electronic devices such as the light bulb. Smarthome technology in lighting is emerging in products such as the Alba light. This fixture senses the lighting in the area and automatically adjusts as needed. In the daytime, when sufficient natural light is present, the light is not needed. But as the sun sets, the light will engage from dim to bright to adjust with the environment.
With motion sensing abilities that sees the light turn on when people enter a room and turn off upon exit, the Alba light boasts significant savings even beyond what we’re seeing from LED technology. In fact, some reports claim this light can save an additional 60 to 80% beyond LEDs.

But innovations in lighting do not only create a benefit in energy efficiency. The advancing capability of lights are also starting to create new possibilities in the realm of home security.

Security Gadgets

Remember when the installation of a home security system was a complex, wired solution? We have taken a giant leap forward in security gadgets with products such as the Sengled snap LED light. This light, which screws into an existing light fixture at the entrance to your home, does more than illuminate the doorway for visitors. This device is equipped with a video camera, microphone and speaker which allows visual access and two way communication. From your smart phone or mobile device, this home gadget allows you to see and communicate within anyone at your door – whether you’re at home or away.

Smart Security Alarm

There have also been significant advances in wireless security cameras inside your home which allow you not only to see what’s happening at home but also be able to respond to it. Think of this as the traditional nanny cam on steroids. Products like “Home View” by Samsung allow for remote visual check in at home. Other products on the market also include motion, noise and air quality detection as well as two way communication that puts you right in the room as the situation requires your attention. The practical application of this technology for a wide range of homeowner needs is truly astounding.

The evolution of security products has seen some incredible jumps both in capability and affordability in recent years. The peace of mind that knowing your home, one of the largest investments you may make in your life, is safe cannot be underestimated. But it’s not only home security that smarthome technology is making life better. There are some routine functions that we can also delegate while we’re on the go.

Cleaning Gadgets

Automation in home cleaning is an emerging market which is seeing some great development of home gadgets. Products such as robot vacuums are becoming incredibly popular in homes, allowing for routine cleaning of floors throughout the home to be programmed daily, easing the burden of basic home tidying. Configurable as part of an integrated smarthome solution, the automatic vacuum can be programmed to perform its functions when you leave the home and return to its charge port before your return. Other recent development in this field has included the development of similar products that do automatic floor washing as well.

Dyson 360 eye

Beyond your home itself, what about innovations that augment your convenience when you’re getting clean? There are some great products available for the bathroom including the Jet showerhead which includes a wireless Bluetooth speaker mounted directly into the fixture so you can listen to music or even answer phone calls while in the shower. No more missed calls (unless you choose to ignore them). The speaker is removable and rechargeable, allowing for some musical accompaniment for those who like to belt out the tunes while they lather up.

It’s time to re-think comfort and convenience and with the impressive array of technology that is now available in the world of home gadgets, developing your own smarthome is now within your reach.